The Estate

Deon Strydom

Chairman and Director: Security

  1. Upholds security rules
  2. Monitors, maintains and upgrades security system if required

Chris Liebenberg

Vice Chairman and Director: Finances

  1. Assists the Chairman in the board achieving their mandate
  2. Manages and maintains the Estate financial statement

Jan-Louis Fischer

Director: Community Development and Special Projects

  1. Overseeing arrangements for Estate functions
  2. Is involved in all special projects for the Estate

Anthony Britz

Director: Aesthetics and Service Providers

  1. Oversee all approvals of aesthetic plans on Estate
  2. Handles all contracts of Service Providers

Jaco Oosthuizen

Director: Gardens, Sectional Titles and Insurance

  1. Oversees garden changes, lay-outs, etc.
  2. Reports on Sectional Titles units
  3. Signs off on insurance claims

John Moore

Estate Manager

René Koeleman

Don Smit

Rooibul Garden Service